Help us Plant a Tree for the John Muir Trust

We are running the London Marathon this year for the John Muir Trust -a charity which manages wild lands in the United Kingdom. The goals is to raise enough money to plant a MTA Forever Forest in Scotland’s Mountain Schiehallion -an area undergoing reforestation and preservation.

We’ve set an initial target of planting 262 trees (you will see what we have done there) as part of the Trust’s Wild Woods tree planting appeal during 2019 as they look to significantly increase the number of native trees across the land in their care.

Help us Plant a Tree for the John Muir Trust

Angie visited one of the places where they are planting trees when she walked the slopes of Schiehallion, a few days before she ran the Loch Ness Marathon.

By helping us plant the MTA Forever Forest, you’ll be helping the MTA community to create an everlasting feature of the Scottish landscape. Each donation of £10 (about $13 USD) will cover the cost of planting one tree, including staff time and equipment. Thanks for your help!

Angie with Kevin Lelland of the John Muir Trust

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