First Marathon Accomplished Using MTA Beginner Plan

*Here is a nice email we received from a customer named Hanna Knapp.

“I want to share great news with you! I did it and ran my very first marathon. It was the Virtual Publix Atlanta Marathon 2021.

I could not have done it without you two, all the MTA friends and my supportive family.

I started running one and a half years ago. A friend who trained for her first half marathon inspired me. I got a bad back injury in the very first month of training. But this slipped disc could not stop me to start running again first thing after recovery.

First Marathon . . .

I never thought about running a full marathon. It is just a crazy long distance. But anyway I did train and ran a 5 k, than the 10k and obviously the Halfmarathon. This journey showed me I can accomplish everything I aim for. After learning from you and all the inspiring stories of fellow runners I decided to give it a try to train for the full marathon.

I printed the 20 weeks MTA beginner marathon plan and started to do every run on this one pager. In week 17 I hurt my ankle on the 20 miler. I took 9 days off from running and reframed my expectations. I had help from you, Ben Shatto, Coach Nicole, friends and my sports PT.

It was a hard decision between canceling the race or give it a try and maybe hurt my self even more.

I decided to run the race because off all the effort I already put in and all the support I got. If I would not.have been tried I would never know if I am able to run a full marathon.

I was well prepared, I knew that I need to go slow because of the ankle. My goal was to get to the finish line. It took me 7 hours 3 Minutes and 23 Seconds to run 26.2 miles. I am very happy and proud and the ankle is fine as well.

Running and training is like life most time great and fun but sometimes there are unexpected obstacles. They can be overcome!

I am Marathoner and can not believe it!

Thank you Angie, thank you Trevor for all your efforts!”


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