Guest Posting

We are looking for guest content creators to feature on the MTA blog. The content should be relevant to marathon training and be helpful to our readers. Guest posts are usually between 700-1,500 words.

We are accepting knowledgeable guest posts from three basic types of content creators:

  1. Expert knowledge
    Do you have expertise in a running related topic that can help our readers in their marathon training? Are you a running coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, or other expert? Are you an accomplished runner on the competitive or recreational level? Are you an experienced runner who has learned quite a bit about proper training?

  2. Customer knowledge
    Are you a MTA customer who wants to write about your experience using one of our training plans or other products to run your first marathon, half marathon, or set a PR? We are looking for inspiring stories about the challenges you have overcome, lessons learned, advice, race reports, etc.

  3. Industry knowledge
    Do you work inside the running industry and can provide our readers with expert advice on shoes, gear, fueling products, running apps, or other industry related topics? Are you a race director or staff at a marathon? Do you write for any running blogs or publications?

*Note, if you don’t exactly fit the above descriptions you may still qualify as a content creator.

Additional Details
You may include links to your website and promote your products and services in your guest posts. We will promote your post to our audience through our social media and other channels. If you are accepted as a guest poster we will email you a fuller explanation of the content guidelines and tips.

*Disclaimer: Though every person’s knowledge and experience is valuable, we realize that not all content is a good fit for the MTA blog. Application to this program does not guarantee final acceptance as a guest content creator.

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