Go! St. Louis Half Marathon (photo recap)

Since a picture is worth a thousand words (and since I’m feeling too lazy to write) let me show you the photos from this year’s Go! St. Louis Half Marathon.

All you have to do is scroll my friends and I will take you along the half marathon course. No work involved! If the images appear to be moving it’s because they are .gifs. This should be fun!

Go! St. Louis Half Marathon

Race Expo

Pretty low-key expo by the time I arrived but easy and straightforward. I stayed downtown at the fabulous Drury Inn and Suites.

Hanging out with MTA fan Brent from NJ

Go! St. Louis Race Start

Good energy at the start of the race. The announcer dude was very loud and enthusiastic. “Welcome to the Gooooo Saaaaint Louuuuuuis Marathoooooooooooon!!!!!!!”

Crossing the Mississippi River

You start by the river and immediately cross over the bridge into Illinois -which is a nice touch!

Anheuser Busch Brewery

This place looks like the Willy Wonka’s factory of beer. I’m glad we ran through the complex though the smell of fermenting yeast didn’t help my stomach.

Go! St. Louis Half Marathon Finish

You finish in front of the Gateway Arch -the perfect place to be in St. Louis. They gave out ice-cream sandwiches but for some regretful reason I didn’t feel like eating one. I’m sure Angie would not have passed this up!

Post Race Party! The band is playing “I’m Up All Night to Get Lucky”

The Go! staff and volunteers put together a fun race. The course will take you through the most interesting parts of St. Louis and back. To the best of my memory the crowd support was plentiful too!

It was not my fastest half marathon by any stretch. I dealt with some GI issues in the beginning and took some walk breaks. I typically like to finish under 2 hours but my official time was 2:13:09.

Later that day I caught a plane to Death Valley National Park to do some hiking and camping. The desert air was rejuvenating.

Big thanks to our official hotel sponsor the Drury Hotel Company for the comfortable accommodations just blocks from the start/finish line! Save 15% off your room and get a free gift from us when you use this link.

An interview with the race director, Nancy Lieberman, can be heard in Volume 1 of the MTA podcast.

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