Episode #400! 🎉 Listener Voicemails

In this special podcast episode we hear from listeners about what motivated them to become long distance runners. Plus, Coach Angie shares tips on how to start (or resume) a strength training routine.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a voicemail recording to help us celebrate reaching episode 400! 🥳

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From the community:

I recently ran a half marathon and got a PB with a time of 1 hour 56 mins and 26 seconds. I’m so thrilled. I want to thank my amazing MTA Coach Antonio because, with his kind support and weekly training plans, I have had a brilliant 2022. On May 1st had my first sub 2 half marathon!

In October, I ran my first-ever marathon in Chicago! And my recent PB was the cherry on top of a great running year. Also, thanks to Angie and Trevor, I have been listening to your podcast since 2016, and you are right; running a marathon really does change your life! -Jacqueline

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