Episode #300! 🎉 Listener Voicemails

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In today’s show we celebrate reaching our 300th podcast episode by hearing from our amazing listeners! We asked runners to call in and tell us where they live, what they do for a living, and what races they have on the calendar.

Plus Angie recaps her recent marathon in Vermont -which she is calling one of her most challenging races yet.

Special Episode #300

Huge thank you to the following runners for leaving a voicemail!

  • Shira
  • Mitch Goldstein
  • Lucy
  • Annie
  • Yali
  • Marty Gardner
  • Carolyn Gallagher
  • Linda
  • Armando
  • David
  • Kelly Whetstone
  • July Meyer
  • Kathleen Miller
  • Whitney Young
  • Andy Soto
  • Matthew Lippert
  • Jen Oellerich
  • Cooper DeVito
  • Andrew Lorenzo
  • Lynne Langlois
  • Guy Reams
  • Gregory Kaether
  • Bridget
  • Victoria
  • Byran G.
  • Kevin
  • Ann
  • A.J. Cappuccio
  • Heidi Wells
  • Tamanna Singh
  • Kyle Johnson
  • Mark Goddard
  • Steven Schirm
  • Selina

Also Mentioned in This Episode

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