Episode #300! 🎉 Listener Voicemails

In today’s show we celebrate reaching our 300th podcast episode by hearing from our amazing listeners! We asked runners to call in and tell us where they live, what they do for a living, and what races they have on the calendar.

Plus Angie recaps her recent marathon in Vermont -which she is calling one of her most challenging races yet.

Special Episode #300

Huge thank you to the following runners for leaving a voicemail!

  • Shira
  • Mitch Goldstein
  • Lucy
  • Annie
  • Yali
  • Marty Gardner
  • Carolyn Gallagher
  • Linda
  • Armando
  • David
  • Kelly Whetstone
  • July Meyer
  • Kathleen Miller
  • Whitney Young
  • Andy Soto
  • Matthew Lippert
  • Jen Oellerich
  • Cooper DeVito
  • Andrew Lorenzo
  • Lynne Langlois
  • Guy Reams
  • Gregory Kaether
  • Bridget
  • Victoria
  • Byran G.
  • Kevin
  • Ann
  • A.J. Cappuccio
  • Heidi Wells
  • Tamanna Singh
  • Kyle Johnson
  • Mark Goddard
  • Steven Schirm
  • Selina

Also Mentioned in This Episode

The Nor’Witch Marathon in Vermont -that time that Angie almost won a marathon.

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