Boston Marathon 2022 Roundup

Michelle finishing 3:44:20

It was a great day at the 2022 Boston Marathon for many in our community and we’d like to give some shoutouts to MTA coaching clients, members, and coaches. Here are a few:

First of all congrats to Michelle Baker who ran 3:44:20 dropping her time from her previous 4:00:27! Here’s what she had to say,

“My first Boston Marathon on Monday was amazing. Much of the credit goes to MTA coach Lynn for getting me there. I signed up for coaching after hitting the wall hard at mile 20 when running my first marathon in 2019.

My goal was to BQ (4:05) and run a marathon under 4 hours. Working with coach Lynn I ran and BQ’d at two races in 2021 and was thrilled to be accepted to run Boston in 2022 . . .

With excellent guidance and the training plan from Lynn I ran 3:44:20 at Boston and felt great doing it. The awesome support of the crowds and perfect weather also contributed to this success. . . .Keep reaching for your goals; it’s a great feeling when you get there!!”

Out of My Comfort Zone

Shoutout to our client Yvette Murphy and reaching her A Goal at Boston!

“I signed up with Marathon Training Academy and MTA Coach Abby. That in itself took me out of comfort zone because I never had to be accountable to anyone but myself and a group training program in the past. But surprisingly, I responded well to training on my own with Abby’s guidance.

Her customized approach made sense to me, and I welcomed the opportunity to shake my training up and push myself. I also appreciated truly training for specificity which is essential for a race like Boston.

I managed to achieve my happy, realistic A-goal. I hit all my process goals and surpass my expectations for a course PR (41 seconds short of a BQ:)”

3:14:17 Marathon

Our coaching client Bill Drinkward keeps running blistering fast speeds for his age group! He said,

“My first Boston Marathon was a fantastic running experience. The energy and support shown to runners by the City of Boston is unmatched in my experience . . . I finished in 3:14:17 which will likely enable me to come back next year.

I enjoyed meeting Trevor, Angie (again), and the rest of the other great MTA runners here. Thanks MTA Coach Steven Waldon!! Now to rest and recover for Big Sur…somehow.”

Qualifying for Boston at Boston

We’d like to congratulate Academy member Jim V. on a solid day out there on the Boston course. 🙌

“Another MTA member Boston update! What a great experience! I had three goals going in – beating my time from 2011, qualifying for the next Boston marathon at Boston and running 3:20.

Two out of 3’s not bad. I beat my previous time in Boston by 14 min and I needed 3:35 to qualify for the next Boston and I manage to come in at 3:32:07. I’ll try for 3:20 next year!”😃

New PR for Coach Antonio

Antonio (left) with Trevor and Angie

Congrats to MTA Coach Antonio who is on fire! We are thrilled to have him on our team.

“Still in cloud 9 after a 3:21:56 lifetime PR, and a 13+ minute BQ yesterday running my second Boston Marathon. The training really paid off. . . An unforgettable weekend seeing many friends, and making some new ones !!”

Coach Kristyn Runs Sub 3:00

Last but not least congrats to MTA Coach Kristyn on running sub-3 two weeks after winning the Revel Mt. Charleston Half Marathon! 🤩 She wrote,

“Boston Marathon weekend will forever be one of my favorite times of year because of the people and the incredible energy. Boston #4 did not disappoint. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to return year after year. Boston 2022: a weird sunburn, a PR & BQ w/ a 41 min cushion, lots of fun! 🦄💙💛 2:58:27”

MTA Coach Kristyn Smith (left) at the athletes village.

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  1. Trevor Spencer April 21, 2022 at 1:05 pm #

    Congrats also to Angie on running a BQ time at Boston this year! Race recap podcast episode coming soon!

  2. Sandra April 22, 2022 at 4:51 am #

    Love hearing and reading about all your stories!

    • Trevor Spencer April 22, 2022 at 6:23 pm #

      Thank you!

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