Race Recap: The Beer Lovers’ Marathon in Belgium 🇧🇪

In this episode we bring you along to the Beer Lovers’ Marathon in Belgium. Hear funny stories from race day and get inspiration from fellow runners!

This episode is the culmination of 18 days of travel, soundbites with European listeners, many fine Belgium beers, and a gallop through a wild and raucous marathon. Trevor ran the whole course dressed as Clint Eastwood and fell into a kiddie pool.


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Photos from the Beer Lover’s Marathon

Arriving in my Delorean

at the expo with Kat, Steve Plummer, Rudy Vansingel, and Maren Biesbrouck

with Ronald and Brummell from the UK

Montagne de Bueren

with Fiona Teubner from Germany

Finish line area

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