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Fusion 2 Recovery Sandals by Spenco

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We are excited to offer you a brand new pair of Spenco Fusion 2 recovery sandals for only $25 plus free shipping. The normally sell online for $40. They are perfect for wearing after a run, race, and for kicking around the house. Wearing these feels like walking on clouds!

The Fusion 2 is your go-to sandal for post-run recovery or just kicking around the house. Waterproof and antimicrobial to help reduce odor.


Provides greater stability and helps guard against over-pronation (the tendency for the foot to roll inward).

Patented The Shape That Feels Great® Technology and lightweight Fusion Material provides heel-to-toe cushioning.

Ultra-soft natural-feel toe post is non-irritating, will not chafe and eliminates the need for break-in.

Cushions strike impact and reduces pressure at forefoot.

Disperses pressure away from the metatarsal heads to optimize foot function, and provide increased comfort beneath the ball of the foot.

Anatomically designed heel dome provides additional material at impact zone and reduces pressure at heel.

A proven geometry ratio that Spenco has shown to have the best alignment of elements for maximum comfort.

Ultra-Fresh® Antimicrobial helps control odor.

Spenco is an innovative footwear company whose mission is to help people everywhere achieve more with comfort. ~Since 1967

All Sold out!

The Importance of Recovery Footwear

-By Angie Spencer, RN

During the course of a marathon the average runner will take between 30,000-40,000 steps so it’s obvious we rely on our feet a lot! The foot and ankle contain a total of 26 bones (25% of the bones in your body are in the feet), 33 joints, more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments and blood vessels, nerves, skin and soft tissue.

There’s a ton going on in our feet and we often don’t think about them unless something is going wrong. As runners we often take our feet for granted but anyone who’s ever dealt with foot discomfort knows that this can seriously hinder your enjoyment of running. I’ve been a marathoner for a decade now and a few years ago I realized that I simply couldn’t wear cheap flip flops or unsupportive shoes anymore. It’s important for me to keep my body healthy and strong and this includes giving my feet the support and recovery that they need.

That’s why we’re excited to be using the Spenco Fusion Recovery sandal. In addition to being waterproof and antimicrobial they have arch and heel support that provides heel to toe cushioning, a forefoot pad which reduces pressure at the forefoot, a metatarsal dome which optimizes foot function and provides increased comfort beneath the ball of the foot, and an anatomically designed heel dome to reduce pressure in the heel area.

As someone who has dealt with plantar fasciitis on and off through the years recovery sandals are an absolute necessity after a long run or race and just to wear in my everyday activities. Spenco sandals are made with a patented design, shape and technology and are some of the most medically research and scientifically developed platforms available.

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