Vintage Podcast Episodes

trev_and_angie_cartoonNow you can own the vintage episodes of the Marathon Training Academy Podcast. These early shows were some of our funniest and most informative. Not only will you get epic content, great tips, fascinating interviews, and actionable training advice, you will hear an unfolding story of Trevor’s transformation from desk potato to running his first marathon, Angie’s journey from marathon shape-to pregnancy and childbirth -to regaining marathon fitness, plus the transformation of listeners and guests who take on the marathon challenge for the first time.

These episodes are no longer available in iTunes. They represent about two years of podcasting (2010 and 2011). All the files are 100% digital and downloadable. After checkout you will be redirected to the product download page.

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Bonus: Podcast Companion PDF
This product also comes with a 234 page episode guide. Inside you will find Angie’s complete show notes, quick tips, links, and some additional comments about each episode.

Our First 50 Podcast Episodes

thefirst50podcasts_coverEpisode 1 | Why Run a Marathon?
Episode 2 | From Coach Potato to Runner
Episode 3 | The Mystique of the Marathon
Episode 4 | How to Find the Right Mental Motivation to Run your First Marathon
Episode 5 | How to Perfect Your Running Form
Episode 6 | My Running Story
Episode 7 | What You Need to Know About Cross-Training
Episode 8 | Preventing Running Injuries
Episode 9 | Conquering the Long Run
Episode 10 | Mental Strategies for Conquering the Long Run
Episode 11 | Listener Questions Answered
Episode 12 | Interview with Sheldon Spencer -Trevor’s Dad
Episode 13 | Dealing with Running Mishaps
Episode 14 | Interview with Fitness Expert Ben Greenfield
Episode 15 | The Runner’s High and Why We Love It!
Episode 16 | Sweating and Hydrating 101
Episode 17 | Strategies to Help You Run Faster
Episode 18 | The Growing Popularity of Running
Episode 19 | Interview with Bart Yasso of Runner’s World
Episode 20 | The Truth about Stretching
Episode 21 | The Ten Biggest Mistakes Runners Make [part 1]
Episode 22 | The Ten Biggest Mistakes Runners Make [part 2]
Episode 23 | Interview with Tim Borland -63 Marathons in 63 Days!
Episode 24 | Barefoot and Minimalistic Running
Episode 25 | Rebuilding Your Running Base
Episode 26 | Interview with Angela Coulombe aka Lymerunner
Episode 27 | Running in the Cold without Killing Yourself
Episode 28 | Setting and Achieving Running Goals in 2011
Episode 29 | Confessions of a Lazy Runner
Episode 30 | Marathon Tips from My New Ebook
Episode 31 | Nutrition for Long Distance Runners – with Ben Greenfield
Episode 32 | Race Recap: The Little Rock Marathon
Episode 33 | How to Choose a Marathon
Episode 34 | Five Key Components of a Great Marathon Training Plan
Episode 35 | Overcoming Adversity Like a True Athlete
Episode 36 | Will Running a Marathon Kill You?
Episode 37 | Race Recap: North Olympic Discovery Marathon
Episode 38 | Interview with Weight Loss Expert Dr. Robert Maki
Podcast 39 | How to Get Started in Trail Running
Episode 40 | Interview with Nancy Lieberman Founder of the St. Louis Go! Marathon
Episode 41 | How to Set a PR at Your Next Race
Episode 42 | Answers to Your Questions about Marathon Training
Episode 43 | Don’t Make These Fueling Mistakes
Episode 44 | Interview with Adam Goucher and Tim Cantalano -Authors of Run the Edge
Episode 45 | Race Recap: Wineglass Marathon
Episode 46 | Interview with Fueling Expert Steve Born
Episode 47 | Race Recap: St. Louis Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon
Episode 48 | Secrets of Proper Recovery
Episode 49 | Marathon Success Stories
Episode 50 | Setting and Achieving Your Running Goals


They Loved it!

Your “vintage podcast episodes” helped get me ready for my first marathon at age 53. I am about to run a marathon for the 3rd time. If I keep getting faster, as I get older, I should eventually BQ, right? 🙂 Cheers, Glenn

Hey Angie and Trevor! Just thought I’d let you know…you were right! I DO have what it takes to run a marathon (and change my life)….. Finished my first race last Saturday in 4hrs and 17 minutes. I’ve already decided it won’t be my last. Your podcasts have been there since the beginning…I truly feel I couldn’t have done it without the MTA. THANKS AGAIN! -Gavin

I’ve been listening to your podcast while I run and I love it! While listening I decided to start training to run a half marathon, something I was always afraid to even consider doing. But I just ran the longest distance I’ve ever run, 7 miles, and I think I can actually do this! Thanks for the information and inspiration! -Christine

Hi Angie and Trevor . never been a runner but found your podcast and have given up cigarettes dropped ten pounds and ran my first ever 5k today. Unbelievable that was only a few weeks ago . Gone from couch potato to looking forward to healthy meals and my run .I’m nearly up to date on all podcasts and they have been my companions on my training over the past few weeks. Thanks for the down to earth approach and for helping me change my lifestyle. -Daimon

The stretching routine I use is one I heard about on the Marathon Training Academy podcast. It has been almost unbelievable the progress I have made in a week. -Dpeach

Went to a marathon seminar last night. Learnt very little – already heard it all from you! -Robert

Angie & Trevor, I send you my greetings from Mexico. I’ve been a runner for over 3 years now. Recently started following your Podcast, and have found excellent tips that improve my routines and races. Thanks for the Podcast, and keep this excellent quality broadcast. SALUDOS! -Miguel

Listened to your podcast on readers questions and was intrigued by the running form for us, ahem, bigger runners. So, listened to the podcast on running form and what a difference it made. Ran down a mountain and kept going and felt great! Thanks for the tips!!!!! -Karen

Hey Angie I wanted to tell you that I ran my first ever marathon ever on Sunday May 16th, 2010 a couple months ago and am ecstatic about my achievements over the last year or so. Thanks for all your helpful advice and good mood charm Angie and Trevor. It really motivates me to be all I can be. -Mitchell

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