Podcast Sponsorship

Do you have a product or service that will benefit the running community? We have partnered with both large established brands and new startups to help get their message before an interested audience. Please introduce yourself using the form below and Trevor will be sure to get back to you promptly.

A few details about our podcast.

  • We produce three episodes a month on average
  • Episode length is one hour on average
  • Our show reaches between 25-30k listeners per episode
  • We are a top level podcast in the fitness category
  • We are the #1 podcast on “marathon training”
  • Our audience is split about 55% female and 45% male
  • The majority of those surveyed hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Median age is 42
  • Some of our sponsors have been advertising with us for 9 years
  • We do host endorsement style ads and only recommend products/services that we like
  • Our sponsorships rates fall within industry standards. Emails us for rate sheet
  • The people in our audience are super engaged and super amazing!

Please enter your question or message below and I will get back to you shortly!